Monday, March 03, 2008

A Spring to Remember

Barely standing
“Look at me!”
“What’s out there?”
Hesitation before the first flight
Safe landing
Double success – destination garage top
Final rest with Ma
New hideout
“I am the king of the world!”
“Catch me if you can!”
I love animals, especially birds. When a pair of mourning doves nested in the backyard of my old house, it was the best thing and a wonderful spring to remember!!!

The Good Old Times

Ensenada, Mexico with my best friend (in the middle) from San Diego for the lobster feast - definitly worth the drive in an Echo :D
At Shawnee's Wedding: the cutest couple in the world - should see the cake top, and I got a mini me before I relocated. YEAH!!!
Team lunch at everyone's favorite - Cheesecake Factory. By the way, it wasn't my margarita... or was it? I seemed SO happy (hahaha...)
My very first Lakers Game, in the Staple Center VIP room, the best pay off of staying late at work... Now I REALLY miss LA and friends back in the States ><...