Sunday, August 10, 2008


火树银花不夜天 - Let the game begin! Fire and Ice 29 footsteps - 29th Olympic Game in Beijing Welcome friends from around the world A new chapter for China Yao Ming and the little boy, who still bear the scar from his heroic act during the Sichuan earthquake, are the present and future of China.
One World 同一个世界 One Dream 同一个梦想

Sunday, August 03, 2008

风云决 p^_^q

This is the summer all the Storm Rider fans have been waiting for - the long anticipated animated movie is finally out!!! Here is the link to the original Chinese comics

And yet, there is no place like Hangzhou



I went to Suzhou in May for wedding dress hunting with few friends from the States, after the bride-to-be almost broke into tears when she had no luck finding it in Shanghai. It was quite an experience. And the best part is not just my friend were able to find her dream dress for less than $150, but we were able to spend couple hours at the famous Zhuo-Zheng Yuan (Humble Administrator's Garden).